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Men D-:

I went out to dinner with my boyfriend last night. I was hoping for a nice romantic time, or at least a bit of conversation. But he totally ignored me the whole time. He seemed more intent on eyeing one of the wait staff, who was a big girl like me but with so much cleavage hanging out the top of her dress that it looked like she had a pair of cow udders stuffed in her bra. David acted like a pervy little boy, and kept dropping his fork on the floor whenever she walked past or stopped to collect empty dishes, so he could look up her skirt.

It was an all-you-can-eat place, and I ate loads of awesome pizza and pasta. David was nice enough to bring me an armful of chocolate desserts and a huge slice of cake. He sat there and watched me eat it all with a big lustful smile on his face. He likes to watch me eat, what is it with that?

By the end of the night he was sloppy drunk and crashed at my place. No romance there either. He snored all night then puked over the floor in the morning. He called in sick and I left him there to clean up while I went to work.

I got home a bit early and must have caught him by surprize, because he hurriedly closed the study door, then ran to the bathroom. I thought maybe he was being sick again, but when I opened the study door, I found this playing on my computer screen:

I didn't know he was into sumo wrestling?

Oh damn, got to go to the supermarket. I feel like I'm coming down with a cold and my box of kleenex is empty.


It's my birthday today and my bf brought a nice big b'day cake with thick chocolate frosting and layers of whipped cream, smothered in cherries. It was awesome and together we ate the whole lot.

He also gave me a set of bathroom scales for my b'day present. It was very thoughtful, because I've redecorated my bathroom and they match my tiles and new white towels. He asked me to stand on them while he took a photo. He's very cheeky ;-)

Mogwai New Release

I love this!



Tried Carson Pirie Scott online. Their website was crappy and hard to navigate. Went to KOHLs and got a great deal on FAR OUT Lengthening Mascara. Bought one black and one purple, which sounds like a fun color.


New BF?

Work dinner party, new office boy asks me to be his date, said okay because I was bored.   Then I find out he's into -- can't say -- but we had fun and he was crying for mamma by the end.  He took the day off sick today but that's understandable.   I think he likes me.  Stay tuned for more!




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